ENDURE Scholars enjoying hanging out together. Our students live in apartments on the campus
of Washington University and enjoy many group get togethers!

Are unofficial transcripts accepted?
Yes, you may submit unofficial transcript(s). Fall 2023 grades must be included in your submitted application.

Who should I ask to write my recommendation letters?
The most relevant letters are those from faculty who know you well and can attest to your interest and capacity for scientific research, such as research mentors and professors of your science courses.

When do I find out if I have been accepted?
Accepted students will be notified the last week of February, 2024.


Can Freshmen apply? What about Seniors?
We will consider applications from freshmen, sophomores, juniors or non-graduating seniors enrolled in a four-year college or university.

I am an international student. Am I eligible for the program?
Yes, Washington University’s Endure Program welcomes applications from all individuals regardless of their citizenship status, thanks to additional funding from WUSTL for non-US students.

I want to go to medical school. Should I apply?
Our program is designed for students pursuing neuroscience PhDs or, in some cases, MD/PhDs. Applications from those undergraduates seeking careers in clinical medicine (MD only) will not be considered.

Do I need previous research experience to apply?
No, previous research experience is not required; however, you are expected to show strong interest in performing neuroscience research in your application.

Are there minimum academic requirements to apply?
No, there are no additional requirements beyond those outlined on the eligibility page. Each application is judged as a whole, and admission is not based on any single component.


When does the summer program take place?
The 2024 summer program runs from May 26 to August 2.

How are lab placements made?
Accepted students submit a list of 4-10 potential mentors. Participants then discuss their research interests with Dr. Herzog who recommends the most appropriate lab. Students are matched to a lab once they successfully complete an interview with the PI. See our research page for more information about neuroscience labs at WUSTL.

Can I take classes while in the program?
No. The program is rigorous and a significant time commitment. Participants are expected to work full-time (at least 40hrs/week spent in lab and program activities) for the duration of the program. Activities that would prevent you from such a commitment (classes, extended vacations, additional jobs, etc.) are not permitted.

What is the housing like?
ENDURE students are housed in one of the WUSTL dorms along with students from other summer programs. Students have their own furnished bedroom within a larger suite. Each suite contains a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Is a meal plan provided?
No. Some meals are provided at program events, but students are largely responsible for covering their own food expenses. The dorms have kitchens, so many students cook.

Will I have access to campus facilities?
Yes. Summer scholars can use Washington University services, such as the various campus libraries and fitness complexes (gym membership required).

ENDURE Scholars enjoying time together at Dave & Busters at one of our group dinners.