View from above at the 2023 Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington, D.C.

The WUSTL ENDURE program is a two-year opportunity consisting of both summer and academic year activities. The experience is maximally effective when students engage fully in all program components. We expect that participants:

  • Attend the program for its entire duration.
  • Commit to full-time research (~40hrs/week).
  • Immerse themselves in the lab: participate in group meetings and other lab activities.
  • Attend all program events and complete assignments on time.
  • Present a research poster at our closing symposium.
  • Live with other scholars in on-campus housing.
  • Complete all program and course evaluations.
Academic Year
  • Perform research (optional, up to 9 h/week).
  • Participate in six ENDUREing Synapses workshops (online).
  • Attend and present at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.